RCMB Hosts “End Polio Now” Event

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Thursday, October 24th – ART GALLERY EVENING: Polio Fundraiser Event

Brickell Fundraiser

Join us for a nice evening of networking, hors d’ouvres, auction and fun prizes to win.

RSVP: rcmiamibrickell– Donations: $20 in advance / $25 at the door
All proceeds benefit the Polio Foundation.

You can safely register for the event with PAY-PAL by clicking in the link below:


If you would like to DONATE any amount for this event, please CLICK HERE
All proceeds benefit the Polio Foundation.

To find out more about Polio and the Rotary fight for it’s eradication, visit the links below:


10 Health & Fitness Tips to Help You and Your Employees Be More Energetic, Productive and Think More Clearly.

Guest speaker Christian Cruz shares with us a summary her presentation of October 1st.

“I have broken up the tips to share with you into two images: The first image is that of a high protein fish filled with good fats moving in a circular motion in water. These are tips to implement throughout the day. The second image is of plants growing with a shot of B-vitamins in the sunlight and relaxing while they sleep. These are tips to implement at least once per day.

Fish, Fat, & Water Tips: (Imagine a high protein fish filled with good fats moving in a circular motion in water)

  1. Good Fats: Take an Omega 3 supplement or food source 3x/day. Choose one of the following or all: krill oil, fish oil, wild salmon,

spirulina, chia seeds, or walnuts. The regular consumption of Omega 3 fats is associated with the removal of harmful fats and toxins, balancing Omega 6 fats, reducing inflammation and improvement of mental clarity.

Certain saturated good fats such as those found in coconut are associated with prevention and reversal of Alzheimer’s, digestive issues and other ailments. Great saturated fat sources are avocados, extra virgin coconut oil, real grass-fed butter, and lard from pastured animal sources. Good fats are the #1 brain energy source and give sustained energy throughout day. Consuming a good saturated fat with every meal is also recommended.

  1. Water: Take your current body weight in pounds and divide by 2. The result is the amount of ounces of water you should drink per day. You will need more if you are in hot or humid weather or exercise. Adding a pinch of sea salt (not table salt) will improve absorption and squeezing fresh lemon juice will help to alkalinize your body which may lead to fat loss and removal of toxins.

If you go to the bathroom more, this is a healthy side effect because you are 1) physically moving more and 2) aiding the health of your excretory system as you flush toxins out. We are primarily composed of water and dehydration is a main cause of various acute and chronic mental and physical disabilities and diseases. More water intake will allow for better blood flow, nutrient delivery, waste removal in the body, increased energy and better mental clarity.

  1. Protein: Eat a good source of protein with every food intake for better energy stability and prevention of blood sugar drops and sleepiness. Good sources include organic pastured chicken or pork, grass-fed beef, wild caught fish, eggs from pastured chickens, and high quality bacon. If you do not eat meat then raw nuts and nut butters, beans and legumes, green leafy veggies and hemp protein are vegan sources of protein.
  1. Circle: Swap your chair for a stability ball at least part of the day. A stability ball will encourage better ergonomics and muscle activation that leads to better blood flow, brain activation and better focus. A study done on middle school kids in which they switched traditional chairs for stability balls for the school year showed that there was less acting up, better focus, better test scores and a stronger core. As an exercise physiologist I witness clients having a reduction in back pain when they make the switch as well.
  1. Motion: Simply stand up at least 1x every 30min. Yes, you may sit right back down. One of the benefits of drinking more water and sitting on a ball are that you will automatically stand up more and move. Also, stretch or move every couple of hours if you sit or stand all day in one position.

Sitting is seen as the new smoking. Research shows that even highly active people who sit all day have higher morbidity rates than those who exercise less but spend the day moving around. Simply standing up and sitting back down will help counteract this plus will increase blood flow, muscle activation and brain activation and also help prevent back pain.

Sleep, Sun, Plant Tips: (Imagine plants growing with a shot of B-vitamins in the sunlight and relaxing while they sleep)

  1. Shot of B-vitamins: At mid-day many people reach for a cup of coffee or a can of 5-hour energy as they feel their energy levels go down. What is 5-hour energy? It is a source of vitamin B’s as well as some other chemicals that may have negative side effects on your health. Caffeine may drain your adrenal glands and keep you from having a good night’s sleep leading to adrenal or chronic fatigue.

Taking a vitamin B complex vitamin mid day will improve your energy without the side effects. Taking a vitamin B supplement is especially important if you are a vegetarian as only by consuming animal protein can you get all the vitamin B’s you need without a supplement. Of course you can also eat some 100% grass-fed beef to reap the energy benefits of vitamin B’s.

  1. Plants: Try swapping grains and potatoes for green leafy veggies, skip the muffin, bun, chips, tortilla, rice, bread etc and add more spinach, broccoli, kale chips, collard burritos, or cabbage or lettuce wraps at least 1x/day and progress from there. Grains are complex carbs that may lead to sleepiness right after consumption and are sometimes hard to digest or metabolize. This is especially true if you are autoimmune or have diabetes or cancer.

Greens conversely alkalinize your body, provide you with tons of nutrients, fiber, and are very low in calories. You can feel satisfied without feeling sluggish afterwards. There is also associated weight loss with this swap.

  1. Sunlight: Swap Lysol, antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers for sun breaks and regular soap. Antibacterial cleansing products are known to help create bacteria that are resistant to these products. Furthermore, they kill the good bacteria and prevent your immune systems from properly building the immunity against the foreign invaders, which can actually lead to more sick days. Spending just ten minutes in the sun each day can give you not only the vitamin D to boost your immunity but can also give you energy, clarity of mind, make you more productive and create happier employees.
  1. Sleep: If you are tired during the day, you need more, if you take caffeine of any kind as an energy source, you need more, if the idea of taking a nap makes you smile or have a longing feeling, you need more. Even a 20min nap will make you a more productive person in all areas of your life. You will do more in the 1hr after a nap than in 4hrs without one if you need one. You may be pressed for time to finish a project but if you can not think clearly, you may be better off taking a 20min nap and then being able to get it done more effectively and efficiently.
  1. Relaxation: Breathing, Massage, Stretching, Meditation, Music, candle lights, aromatic oils, or taking care of a plant in the workspace are all ways of experiencing relaxation. By adopting one or more of these practices 1x/day or at least 1x/week, we can recharge our energy, create more and enjoy our daily work more.

Christian Cruz, MS, HFS