Marine Reserves

Dr. Martin Arostegui presented to the Rotary Club of Miami Brickell this past Tuesday January 7. His interesting presentation was titled: Are Marine Reserves a Good Idea?

Decades ago coastal communities around the world started noticing a decline in their fish populations. As the trend worsened considerable scientific research was carried out to learn about the causes and bring about possible solutions. Many factors have been identified; most importantly, environmental degradation, water pollution, climate change and overfishing. In order to bring about positive change, all must be addressed.

Marine Reserves have been established all over the world to combat overfishing and to enhance the coastal marine environment. By definition, Marine Reserves are zones where all animals and plants have permanent protection and therefore cannot be removed. Marine Reserves have been proven scientifically to protect the coastal environment and at the same time enhance fisheries outside their borders.

Photo – Jeffrey Pujals, President; Capt. Gil Muratori; Capt. Bouncer

Smith; Dr. Martin Arostegui, Presenters; and Roberto Ruvalcaba, President Elect.


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